The Glasgow Satchel

Whenever I’m on the fence about buying something, I ask myself, “Could I walk out of this store right now and forget this [skirt, necklace, purse, etc] as I continue on with my day?” If the answer is yes, then I know to pass on whatever it is. If the answer is no, then usually I’ll indulge (I’m not really much of a buyer, just a window shopper, so I don’t find myself in this position too, too often). Sometimes, however, I find myself in the sticky situation of simply being in the grey zone. Should I get it? Should I not? You know the deal.

That’s exactly how I was feeling about a black Banana Republic bag I’d been eyeing for a few weeks. I’d gone to the store three times (yes, three!) and was quite torn. This should have been a major red flag, but I continued to agonize. I even texted my mum a fair bit trying to get her opinion. The only advice I got was, “It’s your money!”. Still at square one regarding the Banana bag, I wandered into Madewell to kill time before I would make the decision. And then- I saw the bag that would make me forget all bags, Meet the Glasgow Satchel.

I had seen the bag in brown the month prior and debated getting it, yet resisted since I wasn’t too keen on brown. But this lovely black version on the shelf was absolute perfection. The Banana Republic tote now merely a distant memory, I knew for certain that this purchase could answer my standard question “Could I walk out of this store….” with a solid NO. I could not leave Madewell without this bag in hand. And I didn’t!






I love this photo, except for that pesky background sticker!

SHIRT– Forever 21// SKIRTForever 21// HEELS– Banana Republic// BAGMadewell// NECKLACES– Brandy Melville and Forever 21


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