Blazers: My Challenge Item

This leather sleeved blazer is definitely one of those pieces that I love, yet often times have a hard time fitting into my outfit. I think it’s partly because of the color combination and mostly because I’m not usually a blazer-wearing gal. Come to think of it, the only other blazer I have is a very formal black Banana Republic blazer which I’ve used for professional (non-fashion) interviews. This sucker has been nestled in the back of my closet for quite some time now. Every time I’d dig through my closet I’d pause briefly and wonder how to style it, then quickly reach for something else. I finally felt up to the challenge this weekend. I tried on a zillion different tops until I settled on this gray ribbed sweater. Cuffing the sweater sleeves over the leather arms of the blazer made my upper half feel a bit more cohesive while wearing jeans counterbalanced the feeling of being way outside of my comfort zone with the blazer.

Overall I’d say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Would I reach for this blazer often? Probably not. But now I can see it hanging in my closet and know I’ve conquered it at least once!

Do you have a certain piece that you struggle to make work too? I’m curious to know!




It was very windy!



How creepy is this?? There are three really odd creatures/heads in this urban “park”.

BLAZER– Hinge// SWEATER– Banana Republic// JEANS– BDG// HEELS– Cooperative// WALLET– Banana Republic// SPECS– Warby Parker


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