First of all, how amazing are these $25 pants?! They look super chic and you’d never guess I got them from Old Navy! I haven’t found something I like at Old Navy in over a decade (it generally isn’t my style and/or doesn’t fit me well), but this pair of pants looked adorable AND fit me perfectly. While I love the buildup and anticipation of purchasing something I’ve wanted for a while, sometimes unexpected purchases are the most exciting and rewarding for me!


I’ve been wearing this velvet choker nonstop. I love pairing it with a more delicate piece to add a bit of edge to an otherwise ladylike outfit.





DSC06417PANTSOld Navy// COATH&M// HEELS– Banana Republic// BAG– Rebecca Minkoff// NECKLACESH&M and Brandy Melville

Blazers: My Challenge Item

This leather sleeved blazer is definitely one of those pieces that I love, yet often times have a hard time fitting into my outfit. I think it’s partly because of the color combination and mostly because I’m not usually a blazer-wearing gal. Come to think of it, the only other blazer I have is a very formal black Banana Republic blazer which I’ve used for professional (non-fashion) interviews. This sucker has been nestled in the back of my closet for quite some time now. Every time I’d dig through my closet I’d pause briefly and wonder how to style it, then quickly reach for something else. I finally felt up to the challenge this weekend. I tried on a zillion different tops until I settled on this gray ribbed sweater. Cuffing the sweater sleeves over the leather arms of the blazer made my upper half feel a bit more cohesive while wearing jeans counterbalanced the feeling of being way outside of my comfort zone with the blazer.

Overall I’d say I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Would I reach for this blazer often? Probably not. But now I can see it hanging in my closet and know I’ve conquered it at least once!

Do you have a certain piece that you struggle to make work too? I’m curious to know!




It was very windy!



How creepy is this?? There are three really odd creatures/heads in this urban “park”.

BLAZER– Hinge// SWEATER– Banana Republic// JEANS– BDG// HEELS– Cooperative// WALLET– Banana Republic// SPECS– Warby Parker

The Missing Belt

Do you ever have days when you tear through your entire closet and you simply can’t find the item you had in mind that would just make your outfit? Well, that was today for me. I wanted to pair this look with a skinny waist belt and I swear it was on my dresser yesterday, but today it was nowhere to be found! Alas, the show had to go on.

I admit to feeling briefly peeved at myself for always misplacing things, but I tried to look on the positive side. 1.)  No waist belt meant that I was free to enjoy my lunch. No feeling like my belt was going to pop off after having a few too many fries. How uncomfortable is it when your full belly is pushing against a tight belt?? 2.) I didn’t have to constantly fiddle with the belt all day (and you know what I mean- one doesn’t simply just WEAR this kind of belt….are your clothes getting scrunched up? Is the buckle sitting evenly? etc.. It’s quite stressful when you think about it. Today I just got to be and not worry about such nonsense). So, wherever my belt is hiding, I’m glad it was a sneaky little bugger today because it was for the best!





I put the sweater on as the day cooled down. Having it around my shoulders acted as my accessory in place of my missing belt.


I’ve been wearing these heels a ton lately. They’re so feminine, yet exude a powerful “boss-lady” feel. Can’t complain about that.


DRESS– American Eagle// SWEATER– Banana Republic// HEELS– Nine West// BAG– Kohl’s// SUNNIES– Warby Parker

Wagon Wheel

If the background and title of this post is any sort indication, you might be able to guess that I stood out in this outfit. And I mean way out. Before these pictures were snapped I was dining amongst Carmel Valley’s finest farmers and folk at The Wagon Wheel- a cowboy-styled diner complete with spurs (and other rusty, indiscernible items) hammered to the wall. I can’t exactly say that anyone else was wearing four inch heels and a hat- except for possibly a cowboy hat, that is.

And speaking of hats, I absolutely love this new Wide Brim Sun Hat hat I snagged from Nordstrom for $28. It sits comfortably on my head and does a decent job covering my face. I’m thinking I might pick up the traditional straw color because you simply can’t beat the price!






These babies make me 6'1"!

These babies make me 6’1″!

PANTS– Marc by Marc Jacobs// SWEATER– Banana Republic// HATNordstrom// HEELS– Zara// BAG– Rebecca Minkoff//

Eyelash Sweaters

When I was working in retail a few months back and my clothing department received a huge shipment of the so-called “eyelash” sweaters, my eyebrows shot up (so punny). I was convinced they would go straight to the clearance rack. But, much to my surprise, I watched woman after woman try them on. From light brown to baby pink to pastel blue- these strange sweaters flew out the door. I held off on purchasing one for myself because it seemed far too trendy to justify the $50 (which, when you receive an hourly wage, is about five hours of work and just not worth it!).

Well, I finally caved in to the trend today. Sticking to a style from Forever21 means that I can enjoy a fun piece without worrying if it will be dated next year. As a general rule I tend to stick to more timeless pieces- I view my clothing as an investment that will last me several years- but I’m happy I indulged this time.


Blush pink was my color of choice!


Why did I wait so long to get an eyelash sweater!? They’re so cozy!



DSC05339 1

SWEATER- Forever21// SKIRT- Banana Republic// HEELS- Forever21/ HAIRCLIP- ModCloth// LIPS- NARS Dolce Vita

Casual Saturday

When I wake up Saturday mornings I usually have an inner battle with myself. Half of me wants to just be cozy in yoga pants and the other half actually wants to wear proper clothes. While there are definitely days when I let my inner yogi win, most days I try to wear something a little more “put together”. That’s not to say that put together can’t be cozy (okay, maybe not quite as cozy as yoga pants but still!).

Take this outfit for example. I’m really only wearing a casual tee, jeans, and oxfords, but add a little layering (and different length) with a warm coat and toss on a hat and voila- the outfit suddenly looks a little more thought out without me really having to do anything at all! Adding a hat to pretty much any outfit is guaranteed to take your look to new heights, in my opinion. I prefer a more structured hat myself (think Maison Michel), but a floppy hat certainly has its place as well. What are your top tips for sprucing up casual no-fuss outfits?




San Francisco weather allows you to wear a coat in the morning and evening, when the fog is in, and to shed your outerwear during the day when the sun burns through the chilly layers.



Most oxfords rub my ankles the wrong way, but these Sam Edelmans are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn.


Always finding something to hide behind!

TEEForever21// COAT– Banana Republic// JEANS– AG Denim// OXFORDS Sam Edelman// BELTForever21// HATBP// PURSE – BP

Land’s End

Land’s End is a lovely little lookout spot at the northwestern corner of San Francisco- just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Being at the mouth of the Bay means the scenery is dramatic and the waves wild. The trails are winding and cypress trees and wildflowers litter the steep cliffs. I find myself at Land’s End at least twice a week as I find it one of the best spots to see the sunset. Land’s End is home to the Sutro Baths ruins- a swimming complex built on the water’s edge in the late 19th century and the upscale (read: $$) Cliff House restaurant. Within the park there are numerous hidden coves and retreats, but I’ll wait and share that later! I thought it might be fun to include a little map to show you exactly where I am in my photos! IMG_0820


Most of my jewelry is from Etsy- this starfish necklace is no exception!

Most of my jewelry is from Etsy- this starfish necklace is no exception!

Good timing?

Good timing?

Once again having a go with the DSLR. I want my iPhone back!!

Once again having a go with the DSLR. I want my iPhone back!!

I consider myself more of an iPhonographer...

I consider myself more of an iPhonographer…


For those of you not familiar with San Francisco- the purple star marks Land’s End. It’s on the ocean side of the GGB (Golden Gate Bridge)

SKIRT– Urban Outfitters// TOP– Asos// TIGHTS and BAG– H&M// OXFORDS– Sam Edelman (DSW)// SUNNIES– Warby Parker// NECKLACE– Etsy