The Missing Belt

Do you ever have days when you tear through your entire closet and you simply can’t find the item you had in mind that would just make your outfit? Well, that was today for me. I wanted to pair this look with a skinny waist belt and I swear it was on my dresser yesterday, but today it was nowhere to be found! Alas, the show had to go on.

I admit to feeling briefly peeved at myself for always misplacing things, but I tried to look on the positive side. 1.)  No waist belt meant that I was free to enjoy my lunch. No feeling like my belt was going to pop off after having a few too many fries. How uncomfortable is it when your full belly is pushing against a tight belt?? 2.) I didn’t have to constantly fiddle with the belt all day (and you know what I mean- one doesn’t simply just WEAR this kind of belt….are your clothes getting scrunched up? Is the buckle sitting evenly? etc.. It’s quite stressful when you think about it. Today I just got to be and not worry about such nonsense). So, wherever my belt is hiding, I’m glad it was a sneaky little bugger today because it was for the best!





I put the sweater on as the day cooled down. Having it around my shoulders acted as my accessory in place of my missing belt.


I’ve been wearing these heels a ton lately. They’re so feminine, yet exude a powerful “boss-lady” feel. Can’t complain about that.


DRESS– American Eagle// SWEATER– Banana Republic// HEELS– Nine West// BAG– Kohl’s// SUNNIES– Warby Parker


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