Wagon Wheel

If the background and title of this post is any sort indication, you might be able to guess that I stood out in this outfit. And I mean way out. Before these pictures were snapped I was dining amongst Carmel Valley’s finest farmers and folk at The Wagon Wheel- a cowboy-styled diner complete with spurs (and other rusty, indiscernible items) hammered to the wall. I can’t exactly say that anyone else was wearing four inch heels and a hat- except for possibly a cowboy hat, that is.

And speaking of hats, I absolutely love this new Wide Brim Sun Hat hat I snagged from Nordstrom for $28. It sits comfortably on my head and does a decent job covering my face. I’m thinking I might pick up the traditional straw color because you simply can’t beat the price!






These babies make me 6'1"!

These babies make me 6’1″!

PANTS– Marc by Marc Jacobs// SWEATER– Banana Republic// HATNordstrom// HEELS– Zara// BAG– Rebecca Minkoff//


3 thoughts on “Wagon Wheel

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    at least you stood out in a great way! you look gorgeous 🙂 the pants are so chic ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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