Eyelash Sweaters

When I was working in retail a few months back and my clothing department received a huge shipment of the so-called “eyelash” sweaters, my eyebrows shot up (so punny). I was convinced they would go straight to the clearance rack. But, much to my surprise, I watched woman after woman try them on. From light brown to baby pink to pastel blue- these strange sweaters flew out the door. I held off on purchasing one for myself because it seemed far too trendy to justify the $50 (which, when you receive an hourly wage, is about five hours of work and just not worth it!).

Well, I finally caved in to the trend today. Sticking to a style from Forever21 means that I can enjoy a fun piece without worrying if it will be dated next year. As a general rule I tend to stick to more timeless pieces- I view my clothing as an investment that will last me several years- but I’m happy I indulged this time.


Blush pink was my color of choice!


Why did I wait so long to get an eyelash sweater!? They’re so cozy!



DSC05339 1

SWEATER- Forever21// SKIRT- Banana Republic// HEELS- Forever21/ HAIRCLIP- ModCloth// LIPS- NARS Dolce Vita


5 thoughts on “Eyelash Sweaters

  1. ninetyfive says:

    I can’t get over how gorgeous this look is! Blush, nude and khaki… oh my, I’m so in love with this colour combo! Also how much fun are eyelash sweaters?! Haha I always end up just stroking myself all the time whenever I have one on haha! They’re just too soft! X


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