Casual Saturday

When I wake up Saturday mornings I usually have an inner battle with myself. Half of me wants to just be cozy in yoga pants and the other half actually wants to wear proper clothes. While there are definitely days when I let my inner yogi win, most days I try to wear something a little more “put together”. That’s not to say that put together can’t be cozy (okay, maybe not quite as cozy as yoga pants but still!).

Take this outfit for example. I’m really only wearing a casual tee, jeans, and oxfords, but add a little layering (and different length) with a warm coat and toss on a hat and voila- the outfit suddenly looks a little more thought out without me really having to do anything at all! Adding a hat to pretty much any outfit is guaranteed to take your look to new heights, in my opinion. I prefer a more structured hat myself (think Maison Michel), but a floppy hat certainly has its place as well. What are your top tips for sprucing up casual no-fuss outfits?




San Francisco weather allows you to wear a coat in the morning and evening, when the fog is in, and to shed your outerwear during the day when the sun burns through the chilly layers.



Most oxfords rub my ankles the wrong way, but these Sam Edelmans are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever worn.


Always finding something to hide behind!

TEEForever21// COAT– Banana Republic// JEANS– AG Denim// OXFORDS Sam Edelman// BELTForever21// HATBP// PURSE – BP


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