Balmy Street Murals

If there’s one thing you need to know about San Francisco- besides the fact that the scenery is breathtaking and, oh yes, we are prone to earthquakes- it would that a thick fog often enshrouds the city. The fog even has a name. Meet Karl. Don’t believe me? See here for yourself- he has 177k followers on Instagram! Karl decided, quite rudely, to intrude upon my blog photo shoot yesterday in Golden Gate Park. Slightly irked that I was unable to capture a single photo which wasn’t completely washed out, I vowed to find a more forgiving background for today’s photos. I decided on The Mission- a culturally-rich district in San Francisco which Karl doesn’t frequent with regular occurrence. Sure enough, despite the dreary weather today, The Mission was balmy and bright. I’ll be returning soon- camera in hand.


All eyes on me.


Despite looking like they could poke your eye out, these heels are surprisingly comfortable.


A dainty little elephant necklace.


The quilting sold me on this jacket. The 40% off sale- leather goods included for once- didn’t hurt. fall back together again

…to fall back together again.




Checking out my selfies after wrapping up my “photoshoot”.

Chillin' with my BFF, Max.

Chillin’ with my BFF, Max.

BLOUSE– H&M// JACKET– Banana Republic// JEANS– Guess// SHOES– Nine West// BAG– Kohl’s// NECKLACE– Forever21


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